The Policy and Legislative Action team advocates for policy changes and legislative changes to support the plan. They also serve as a support to all other action teams for their legislative advocacy needs and should be composed of at least two to three advocacy professionals.

Policy and Legislative Action Team Co-Chairs

Recruitment Procedures

Any member of HEAL PA can recruit potential new members to join our work, however all new members should be vetted by the co-chairs of the action team they wish to join and their membership should be weighed against the total number of members the co-chairs think is workable as well as what other needs in expertise, influence, or diversity the team needs.

Here is the general process we should follow:

  • The potential new member reaches out or is recommended.
  • The recruit sends their resume/CV and is connected with the appropriate co-chairs
  • The co-chairs review the recruit, which may or may not include an interview/meeting at the discretion of the co-chairs
  • Once a recruit is approved by the co-chairs as a new member, the co-chairs are responsible for adding them to the roster on the Google Drive, having them complete the demographic spreadsheet and return to OAR, and inviting them to the appropriate meetings.

Team rosters should be reviewed at least annually to determine if they continue to have the appropriate size and membership mix to be as effective as possible.

Since meeting dates and times will be coordinated with the team, 75% attendance will be a minimum requirement to retain membership. We will also expect every member to live up to the mission, vision, values, and core principles for action and planning as laid out in the TIPA Plan.