Lakeside Global Institute Offering Free Trauma Training

The CHG Charitable Trust and The Otto Haas Charitable Trust have generously sponsored trauma training through Lakeside Global Institute beginning in January 2023. Sponsored training covers the cost of tuition and books for each registered participant.

Intensive courses available include those listed below. Each cohort will meet for 2.5 hours per session either in-person or via web-based platform:

  • Trauma-Sensitive Certification (50 hours)
  • Enhancing Trauma Awareness (1st in trauma series • 15 hours)
  • Deepening Trauma Awareness (2nd in trauma series • 30 hours)
  • Applying Trauma Principles (3rd in trauma series • 30 hours)

Workshops are facilitated live via web-based platform and include:

  • Trauma 107: Trauma-Informed Cultural Sensitivity (4 hours)
  • Trauma 108: Trauma and Racism (4 hours)
  • Trauma 109: Trauma in a Pandemic (3 hours)