Growing and Flourishing Together

Our non-partisan Resilient PA Coalition strives to foster resilient Pennsylvania youth, families and communities through promoting trauma-informed care and systems across sectors as well as promoting efforts to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for youth and families to break cycles of family and community trauma.

This coalition exists to raise awareness on the impact of trauma, childhood trauma (ACEs), trauma as experienced by different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups, and benefits of adopting trauma-informed and resiliency building practices and strategies to address critical social challenges at both the community and state level.

This coalition will act as a statewide platform to:

  • Connect local communities engaged in or interested in adopting a trauma-informed approach
  • Highlight and share local best practices in trauma-informed care, systems and communities
  • Provide standardized language and tips on how to engage business leaders and elected officials as champions for trauma-informed care
  • Act as a unifying and magnifying vehicle for local communities and trauma-informed care champions to advocate for trauma-informed and resiliency building polices, practices and funding
  • Act as a key communication link with HEAL PA and grassroots level champions and advocates across the state.

This coalition will be non-partisan and have representatives from both public and private sector and will be driven by the community, creating a sustainable platform and vehicle to promote trauma-informed care and systems that is not tied to a particular elected official or political party.

Coalition Objectives

  • Raise awareness on impact of trauma (especially childhood trauma and racialized trauma) and connection to our most critical social challenges at grassroots and community level across the state
  • Equip local Trauma-Informed Grassroots Champions to effectively advocate for schools, agencies, systems and sectors to adopt a trauma-informed approach within their own communities
  • Develop and disseminate a shared Communication Plan to effectively advocate for trauma-informed care, systems, schools and funding (etc. cost benefit for business leaders and legislators, impact statements by sector on benefits of a trauma-informed approach, key advocacy talking points)
  • Develop and disseminate a shared Advocacy Plan, including recommendations for local county and state level
  • Actively recruit and encourage new Coalition Members, new communities and agencies to adopt a trauma-informed approach
  • Partner with HEAL PA to connect grassroots and community level trauma-informed work and needs with state-level action team efforts through HEAL PA

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