Participate in Research about Trauma Informed Care!

  • Survey: Early Learning Settings. CTIPP has partnered with Millersville University to survey early childhood educators to create free and practical examples of what trauma-informed care “looks like” in early learning settings. Deadline to participate: June 30, 2023.
  • Survey: Learning about the Movement. Researchers at the University of Montana want to know about your learning!  This extensive survey study seeks to understand what and how people learn about ACEs, NEAR science, prevention science, toxic stress, trauma-informed, resilience, and adjacent subjects.
  • Survey: Healthcare for Children & Youth. The Committee on Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Children and Youth through Health Care System Transformation welcomes input on experiences and ideas about the importance of quality healthcare for all children and youth and improvements for healthcare delivery. They welcome thoughts on incorporating lived experience, community engagement, payment models, workforce development, and promising practices and policies
  • Survey: Trauma-Informed Care. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is seeking comments on the effectiveness of trauma-informed care, its components, and the conditions needed to maximize these interventions. Deadline to participate: May 19, 2023.